Interlock NZ Trust

Where each person has a place,
a voice, and is of value

A social environment, where life, disability and community connect 

Your safety is our priority. Please view our Covid policy.

Developing potential

At Interlock NZ Trust we believe in a world where not all things are created equal or equitable, and not everyone has an ‘even playing field’ to play on.
Interlock provides opportunities for people with disabilities to develop the confidence and skills to connect with their community.

A safe space

We offer a safe space for people living with a disability to learn, share and connect with their peers, while promoting self-development and community growth opportunities.

Begley Family

He so loves the attendance and the activities. You are offering an amazing service. 

You have no idea the huge impact you have had. Jameson is so happy on Fridays so excited. When he bought home the Mothers day card and some flowers he was so proud and Sue really appreciated the gesture. The box was a big hit, the sense of achievement and the fan very creative. 

An accessible, affordable,
and achievable programme

Interlock NZ Trust provides an accessible, affordable, and achievable programme that enables individuals to find their place within their peer group and wider community.

"Great value in interacting socially with
like-minded friends"

"Our daughter just loves Interlock! The weekly activities that they participate in are so well thought out, she is super proud to show us the creative item she has made each Friday.  
But we also see great value in the opportunity to interact socially with like-minded friends.  Now that our daughter has left school it ensures she keeps developing her social skills too, so a huge thank you to the team for the value you add to our community and special ones within it."

Darlene Thomas.

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