About us

A warm safe space for Interlocknz to grow.

Interlock NZ is situated in Cambridge, New Zealand. Our members come from across Cambridge and surrounding areas including Te Awamutu, Otorohanga, Hamilton and Matamata.

We are thankful for the Hautapu Rugby Club who have secured our lease for four days a week over the next three years to run our weekly groups from the Cambridge Junior clubrooms

This place to call home allows us to offer a fun, safe, welcoming space for people who are living with a disability to connect with friends and community while developing opportunities to learn, share and connect.

Projects with purpose

Our members work on projects with purpose, experimenting with a range of papercraft options, small kit set building projects, and micro-business opportunities. They can explore life skills such as sewing and cooking while creating life-long social connections.

"Our focus is 'to work with, not do for' our members."

Community Connections

With each new project we keep in mind that we are supported by our community, and in turn we often make extra items to give back to those in need in our community.

Finding individual expression

We strive to guide our members to find their individual expression. When given the ability to explore, our members produce unique creations, and we love seeing their confidence grow when they achieve something new.

“The little things. The little moments. They aren’t little.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Interlock NZ ethos

Where life, disability, and community connect

Intrinsic value

We believe everyone has a place, a voice, intrinsic value and a purpose that deserves to be acknowledged.

Equity + Equality

Equity and equality are not the same things, though they walk in partnership.

Innate humanity

The value of a person does not reside in their status, gender, colour or social standing. Rather, the value of a person is in their innate humanity and as an individual.

Accessible, affordable + achievable

Our programme  must be accessible,  affordable, and achievable for all members.

Help us achieve Equity + Equality

"An amazing place to be"

"I have been helping Interlock for the last few years and it is such an amazing place to be. I thoroughly enjoy helping such awesome people with their craft-making, it’s a wonderful thing to spend time with them and is my Happy Place 😊. My High School aged Granddaughter also loves to come and help when she gets the chance."

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