Volunteering can be invisible

At a recent celebration of volunteers in the Waikato, I was challenged by the 
keynote  speaker who spoke on making the invisible, visible. My understanding is
this was concerning celebrating volunteers in all spheres and not just the seen 
and obvious.

Looking a little deeper into who we are and what makes your organisation special or 
different from everyone else and you start to see the invisible threads that 
weave us together and hold us firmly in the hearts and minds of our community. 

The people and organisations that quietly give of their time and service, those 
that advance our cause anonymously in our community, those whose voices raise a 
little when speaking of Interlock, Those who nod and smile in appreciation at 
our mention, and those from a sweeper to the chairman who give of their time 
and substance.

When you begin to unpack a day, event or week and who has been involved it is 
illuminating and humbling.

 From this strand of the tapestry that is Interlocknz,
Thank you.


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