Community Involvement

When looking at ways to connect with our local community it can be quite exciting 
going through the process of identifying opportunities. One of the pitfalls 
though can be falling in love with an idea and launching it without enough 
substance or planning, much like a government reform without consultation or 
enough funding to make it fly. 

In Disability circles it is no different, we see a need and fall in love with the 
idea only to step back a few weeks later and think, Oh my God, what have I 
done? The traditional equation goes like this; need x passion = outcome.  

The finer points that were missed, become the stumbling blocks to a greater outcome. Need+Passion x (consultation+preperation) / (time-resources) = A greater outcome.

As hard a pill as it is to swallow, we cannot change an exclusive ableist society simply by having a  great enough passion or throwing money at it. We need to evolve away from the fix-it mentality and  start living and developing longer-term strategies that draw society into sustainable partnerships,  that in turn strengthen community resolves to be more inclusive. 

This is the task ahead for the Interlocknz Trust and every other service group. To start their own  unique process of consultation with their community, drawing on the strengths and expertise they  find. Then guiding and allocating the time and resources required to establish a greater outcome for  those we seek to serve and partner with.


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