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When looking at ways to connect with our local community it can be quite exciting going through the process of identifying opportunities. One of the pitfalls though can be falling in love with an idea and launching it without enough substance or planning, much like a government reform without consultation or enough funding to make it fly.  In Disability circles it is no different, we see a need and fall in love with the idea only to step back a few weeks l...

July 12, 2022

Volunteering can be invisible

At a recent celebration of volunteers in the Waikato, I was challenged by the keynote  speaker who spoke on making the invisible, visible. My understanding isthis was concerning celebrating volunteers in all spheres and not just the seen and obvious. Looking a little deeper into who we are and what makes your organisation special or different from everyone else and you start to see the invisible threads that weave us together and hold us firmly in the hearts an...

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